Trail Through Time

What is the Trail Through Time?

The Trail Through Time is a bi-cultural heritage trail under development.   It winds through the lovely woodland along the banks and marshes of the Nashoba Brook, in the North Acton Conservation Land of the same name.  The main Trail is a pleasant two-mile loop that crosses the brook twice on rustic footbridges.  Following existing Land Stewardship trails, it accesses sites along the way where stone ruins from earlier times still exist.

Many of these ruins were constructed during the American Colonial period and later into the Industrial period of English settlement.  Quite a few, however, are the remains of simple structures left by Native Americans who may have worked this ceremonial landscape for millennia before the immigrants came.  Indians quietly continued their use for some time afterwards, until the land was all owned by European settlers.  Some assert that modern Indians still revere these sites, sacred to them, in quiet use today.

The TTT Project—to clear the overgrowth and restore some of the ruined stonework at these sites—is a work in progress.  As each site is enhanced, or restored to the degree that is suitable, it is identified with an informational panel, and suitable signage is added.

A website, still in progress, has more information about the Trail Through Time: