Conservation Land & Trail Status

Conservation Land & Trail Status consist of reported observations by visitors, volunteers, and Conservation staff. Please email IBERGEMANN@ACTONMA.GOV or call 978-929-6634 to report trail conditions.

For the chart below, please note the following:

Each Conservation Land is listed in the first column. Status of the Trail System are listed in the second column. The color of the font corresponds to the severity of the trail condition. Trail status will have a corresponding date. Note that trail status may not be up to date.

Green – Trails are in good and navigable conditions

Orange – Trails should be used with caution

Red – Trails are in bad and impassible condition


Guggins Brook Flooded 11/7/2023

Conservation Land Trail System Status Date Posted
Acton Canoe Launch Dry 11/21/2023
Acton Arboretum Dry 11/21/2023
Assabet River Blue & Green Trail Muddy 11/21/2023
Bulette/Town Forest
Camp Acton Dry 11/21/2023
Grassy Pond Muddy/Bridge may be flooded 11/7/2023
Great Hill
Guggins Brook Muddy 11/21/2023
Heath Hen Meadow
Jenks Dry – Trail head entrance eroded – walk carefully 11/21/2023
Morrison Farm Dry 11/14/2023
Nagog Hill Dry 11/21/2023
Nashoba Brook Muddy 11/21/2023
Pratts Brook
Robbins Mill Dry 11/21/2023
Spring Hill Dry 11/21/2023
Stoneymeade Dry 11/8/2023
Wills Hole/Town Forest
Wright Hill Dry 11/7/2023